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The function and effect of beauty instrument


The effect of ultrasonic beauty instrument, can pass the frequency of the ultrasonic vibration of facial skin cells to produce the massage effect, thereby can improve facial blood circulation, increase the elasticity, facial cells can improve the metabolism of the face, and can promote cell regeneration, after using can the skin become more flexible and more luster, if facial skin appear dark and the situation of the skin is flabby, and insist on using ultrasonic beauty instrument, can improve facial skin problems.But in choosing a ultrasonic beauty instrument, to avoid the frequency of the probe is too big, also should avoid to the heat of the probe is too high, because the heat probe is high as well as the vibration frequency is bigger, is likely to lead to facial skin a burning, but also can guide | up the skin appear dry circumstance, which can lead to skin has faded the phenomenon of skin, and when doing the ultrasonic beauty instrument should also avoid eye skin, because eye ministry skin more tender, and is more sensitive, if you use ultrasonic beauty instrument, is likely to cause eye skin appear red and swollen, and so on and so forth.

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