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Portable Style Monopolar Rf Radiofrequency Cet Ret Rf Skin Tightening Machine
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RET RF slimming beauty equipment is a weight-loss instrument that projects high-frequency energy into the human body to generate deep heat from the skin's dermis to break down body fat, thereby achieving weight loss.

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Portable Style Monopolar Rf Radiofrequency Cet Ret Rf Skin Tightening Machine

It uses latest Korea patented ring-shaped electrode technology, within 1 minute, through RF energy to stimulated the charged electronics in molecular of body cells and fast rotate to get collision and distortion, instant direct access to the deep fat, so make the friction and heat between the fat cells and resonance, effectively dissolve stubborn cellulite, fundamentally reduce the size of fat cells, improve the buttocks and thigh cellulite, easy reduce the drooping and slack fat of arms, abdomen, thighs, tighten skin, reshape the perfect body curve.

There are two handles which are RET handle and RF handle. Capacitive Electric Transfer (CET) is a method that allows the RF electrical current to be transferred "by capacity" (principle of the electrical capacitor) to the patient's body via a moveable external application electrode. The Resistive Electrical Transfer (RET), introduced in 1994, is different from the CET in that basically the application electrode is not insulated, allowing the current to be transferred directly to the patient with less dispersion, thus obtaining an increase in temperature at a greater depth.

Product parameters:

Name: RET RF slimming beauty equipment
Voltage: 100V-240V
Maximum power: 100W
Frequency: 50Hz
Screen: 8 inch touch screen
Size/Weight: 37.8*33*32cm; 5.2kg
Operating handle: RET handle, RF handle





Product Description:

The RET weight-loss instrument uses a high-frequency, further-uplifting RET that produces more heat than the existing skin surface-cet-style, which allows energy to penetrate deeper layers of fat and muscle to produce heat in a painless manner. RET fat operation has a significant effect on skin regeneration, not only to maintain normal cell activity but also to regenerate new cells. The important advantage of RET is that the RET current does not have any side effects on the patient. Moreover, RET will pass through the human body, producing deep fever in the visceral fat layer, and promoting lymphatic circulation and metabolism, so the fat-burning effect and cell mass reduction effect are better.


1. The RET dieter penetrates energy into the deeper layers of fat into the gluten, producing heat in a painless manner.

2. RET fat manipulation has a significant effect on skin regeneration, not only to maintain normal cell activity but also to regenerate new cells.

3. RET weight loss apparatus, the most important advantage is that RET current does not have any side effects on patients.

4. not only reduce the size but also restore the elasticity of the skin.

5. The RET weight-loss instrument is a non-operative procedure, so there is little pain, no ecchymosis and swelling, and no inconvenience to life.

6. The procedure leaves no pigment deposits or surgical marks, and uneven skin.


Please follow the schematic of the rear cover plate to see clearly the socket and direction before installing it.
From left to right plugs are power jack, pedal, CET grease head, RET grease head,
negative plate, the pedal has two holes, CET grease head has four holes and RET grease head has five holes, the negative plate has three holes, please see clearly the Jack re-installation.

Test area: First, check whether the working conditions of each component are normal through this area. Under normal working conditions, the icon is displayed in blue, otherwise, it is displayed in gray. Negative plate, RET fat-dissolving head, CET fat dissolving head, foot pedal: The icon is gray, indicating that the connection is abnormal or not successfully connected. At this time, please check the connection. If it is not connected or the contact is poor, please connect or reconnect before Measurement.


Contact with the skin: If the icon is gray, please check if the negative plate is close to the skin. If not, please close the skin and try again.

How to use: In the case that each piece works normally, select the operation handle (RET fat-dissolving head, CET fat dissolving head) according to the needs of use, and then adjust the "radio frequency intensity", turn on by "start 1 pause", and use the pedal when needed Board control.


RET and CET fat-solubilizing heads are available in large and small sizes, please install according to the requirements of use.
Use large probes for the abdomen and hips, and small probes for other small areas.


Product advantages:

4 Core technologies




1. Reduce the size of the body, crack local excess fat accumulation and decompose stubborn fat and cellulite.
2. Repair cellular tissue and orange tissue.
3. Improve lymphatic circulation, relieve muscle pain
4. Tighten loose skin, sculpture S body curve





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Q: Is there any Chinese words in your package?
A: We make sure 100% in the English version.

Q: How can I put my logo on the product & package?
A: Yes, we can silk printing or gold stamping there, just contact us for more details.

Q: What is the delivery time of OEM orders?
A:15-25 working days upon order details confirmed.

Q: Will you teach me how to use the machine?
A: Yes, we can provide a complete user manual. And 24/7 online consultant service ensures you whatever problem and whenever you meet, you can solve easily. It is easy to operate by anyone with the instructions.

Q: How can I pay for the samples? Delivery time?
A: W.U. & T/T, Just choose what is easy for you.
We have samples always in stock, we can make delivery in 1-3 working days by DHL/UPS/TNT, etc. Normally will be your office within 3-5 working days.

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