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Membrane mirror dialysis can detect the facial skin moisture, elasticity, pigment, microcirculation, oil, and make qualitative and quantitative analysis of these indicators, according to the analysis results and the skin characteristics of the best personalized treatment solutions.

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5in1 Deep Cleaning And Testing Beauty Salon Equipment


The microscopic membrane mirror intelligent ice knife is a high-end beauty therapy instrument integrating detection and treatment. It combines membrane mirror dialysis technology, water knife cleaning technology, intelligent filling technology, ice sculpture technology and eye shaping technology to completely change the entire skin from the surface layer to the bottom layer. Membrane mirror dialysis can detect the facial skin moisture, elasticity, pigment, microcirculation, oil, and make a qualitative and quantitative analysis of these indicators, according to the analysis results, according to the skin characteristics of the best-personalized treatment solutions, so that your skin will get the most kind of care; Brighten your life.


Probes 5 Probes
Power Supply 220-230VAC,10A,50Hz/60Hz
Color: White
Display: 8-inch color OLED
Output Static power:18W,Max.Power:50W
Technology: Data analysis, micro electricity, skin cleaning, RF, refrigeration
Certification: CE



Membrane mirror dialysis head

By means of the built-in micro-dialysis system, the moisture, elasticity, pigment, microcirculation and oil of the skin are detected at a fixed point and located, and these indicators are analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. According to the analysis results, effective treatment is conducted for skin problems. The double-effect carrier electro frequency technology is used to deliver nutrients to the cell layer quantitatively and at the same time to change the momentum of cell microcirculation, so that the nutrients can penetrate into the cell layer more effectively, thus playing a role of deep introduction and delaying cell senescence.

Water knife clean skinhead

Using the principle of water displacement and low pressure, through the treatment of internal environmental water molecules, quickly solve the problem of unblocked breathing skin, dreading lymph, removing epidermal dirt, removing epidermal metabolic cutin and the pollution of internal environmental water by various pigments, deep cleaning the skin. With the different density of humanized water carving mesh surface, suitable for any type of skin, completely replace the micro carving skin grinding, crystal sand grinding, oxygen replenishment, etc. With the help of the hydrodynamic circulation system, the attachment on the inner wall of the pore is completely cleaned by ion gene water. Thoroughly clean the skin at the same time will not make the pores become thick, and can give the skin to supplement a lot of water, but also can play a sculptural facial contour, compact skin and other effects. Just a clean step, can let your skin produce the fresh and clear, tender and new feelings.

Intelligent filler

High-pressure injection technology and ultra-wide radio frequency technology were used to fill the cell layer with nutrient molecules to improve the cell absorption capacity, repair and widen the cell motion orbit, and activate the cell metabolism function. Thus in the local changes to accelerate blood flow, the formation of new cell epidermal membrane, plays a link between the role.

Ice sculpture face

Under the control of a unique water-cooling system, it reaches 0-10 degrees Celsius in a few seconds, breaking the normal 8 degrees Celsius, and remains between 0-10 degrees Celsius over and over again. Combined with ultra-wide electric frequency filling technology, it can quickly treat redness, allergy and other phenomena, make the skin more watery and Q elastic, and play a role of shaping and improving.

Eye shaping head

The use of biological radiofrequency energy and biological micro-electrical technology, repeatedly stimulate the muscle, accelerate the blood circulation, promote the new generation, stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the eyes quickly remove the bags, wrinkles, black circles and other signs of aging, so that the eyes rejuvenate.

1. Upgrade: speed up product penetration and absorption;
2. Enhancement: lifting and tightening, smoothing fine lines at the corners of the eyes;
3. Anti-aging: replenish energy for skin collagen tissue, reduce fine lines and dry lines at the corners of the eyes,
4. Permeation promotion: enhance the skin's absorption function of the product;
5. Repair: shrink pores, calmly repair capillaries, and dilute red blood.

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