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Professional Microneedle RF Fractional Face Lift Machine for Sale
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Deeply expelling of toxin, shrinking pore. Promote permeate, lifting tighten and whiting skin.Remove pigment and acne. Repair skin and shaping.

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Professional Microneedle RF Fractional Face Lift Machine for Sale

Working theory:

Combined RF, Gavanic, Auto Micro Needle and supper cooling four technologies together. Expelling of toxin outside the skin, improve the skin situation and re-build the cell. Auto micro needle can make huge small channel in cells to lead the nutrition into inner cells directly timely, can promote the skin absorb nutrition effectively and then improve skin and anti-aging.


Treatment area:

Face Eye
Handles 4
Style Portable
Voltage 110v or 220v
Max Power 16W
Applications: Skin Rejuvenation Skin Care
Certification: CE


Special feature:

1. Wouldn’t destroy completeness of the skin fabric.

2. Deeply clean the dirt and of skin and cells.

3. Build a mass of microtubule in the skin and supply cosmetic to cells (can build thousands microtubule per minutes)

4. Deliver nutrition to the target position, have very goods effect. Has thousands time product permeability than traditional way.

5. Stimulate skin self-heating, promote metabolism, keep skin elasticity.

6. Activate cells, repair damage tissue,removal wrinkle, skin whitening and anti-aging.

7. Enhance cell’s immunity keep skin health. Slow down skin aging, keep skin health.

8. Can promote collagen grow when the microtubule wound healing.

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