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The capacitive/resistive endothermy or dynamic therapy is an endogenous therapy that stimulates the natural reparation processes of the organism by shortening recovery time of muscles and tendons.
The transfer of energy to the body occurs through the creation of an electromagnetic field that, if properly modulated, allows the operator to act selectively on different depths: dermis, blood and lymphatic vessels, muscular tissue, tendons ligaments, cartilages and bones.

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What is tecar therapy?

In the field of motor rehabilitation and physiotherapy, tecar therapy is a solution that uses a difference in energy potential and is adopted by many physiotherapists. It basically consists of an energetic activation of the body of the subject. The innovation of this approach is however given a substantial difference: while in other therapies the energy is transferred to the patient from the outside, during the tecar therapy energy is stimulated directly from the inside of the muscular tissue. Usually it is never a question of a single session but of a path to start with the therapist, often associated with the suggestion of performing some isometric exercises and muscular training.


The ultimate goal is to activate the natural anti-inflammatory and reparative processes that our body predisposes. This allows to considerably reduce the pain threshold in the subject, as well as to accelerate the recovery time of the rehabilitation phase.

Electrical charges are present that are present in the form of ions, within the tissues. The stimulation that comes from it works at the cellular level, reactivating the blood circulation and considerably raising the level of body temperature.


The physiological recovery mechanisms are thus immediately triggered. The positive flow of energy generated helps to repair the lesions or cleanses from problems related to inflammation or spills that may be after a trauma or incorrect postural habits.


Functional limitations arising from trauma are always accompanied by obvious symptoms of pain. Thanks to the intensive activation of microcirculation of blood and the lymphatic system, Tecar Therapy stimulates microcirculation, working on free nerve endings, rebalancing the membrane balance of nociceptors, and blocking the pain sensation through the release of endorphins.




In the world of competitive sport fast recovery times are a must. The Tecar Therapy method is now an integral part of sports medicine therapy, because it activates and accelerates natural processes of tissue repair, drastically reducing recovery times. Tecar Therapy facilitates, and is a catalyst for, all the biological reactions in our body - allowing completely stable and reproducible results to be attained through the delivery of precisely controlled doses of energy.



There are many causes of dysfunction of the venous and lymphatic system. Inadequate lifestyle and lack of physical movement are the most common causes of water retention, heavy legs, and swollen ankles, until the formation of genuine lymphedema. Tecar Therapy regularizes lymphatic flowwithin tissues and, by stimulating the lymphatic system, contributes to the reactivation of microcirculation - promoting the collection of excess catabolic liquids, facilitating an efficient draining effect.


CET Capacitive Electric Transfer

√ Insulated Electrode

√ Current to be transferred by Capacity to patient

√ Go into 3~5cm depth of skin

√ Effective for skin lifting, pain relief


RET Resistive Electric Transfer

√ Stainless Steel Electrode (not Insulated)

√ Current to be transferred directly to the patient

√ Go into 9~12cm depth of skin

√ Effective for the subcutaneous fat

• High energy RF power
• Comportable treatment with no downtime.
• Optimized for fat reduction and skin tightening.
• Dual frequency and various treatment tips for professtional treatment options.
• Digital control system enable concise frequency and time adjustment.
• Safety switch preventing overeating and inducing accidents.


• Skin lifting and skin tightening.
• Wrinkle removal
• body shaping and fat reduction
• Collagen stimulation and generation

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