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It responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure that results in muscle building, tightening, toning and burning fat. Non-invasive buttock lifting

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Ems Body Shaping Ems Muscle Stimulator Device Portable Ems Sculpt Machine
Technical parameters
High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic
Power consumption
Output Intensity
0-7 Tesla
Output Frequency
Stimulus Pulse Shape
Biphasic Wave
Cooling system
10-20-30 Celsius
Working principle
HFEM beauty muscle instrument uses non-invasive HFEM technology to release high-frequency magnetic vibration energy through two large treatment handles to penetrate the muscles to a depth of 8cm, and induce continuous expansion and contraction of muscles to achieve high-frequency extreme training ,to deepen the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement), and produce new collagen chains and muscle fibers (muscle hyperplasia), thereby training and increasing muscle density and volume.

1.It can set different muscle training modes.
2.Dual handles independently control the energy output, the handles support independent and synchronized work; the treatment parameters of both handles can be adjusted independently; it can operate two persons at the same time, suitable for men and women.
3.It's safe and non-invasive, non-current, non-hyperthermia, and non-radiation, and no recovery period.
4.No knife, no injection, no medicine, no exercise, no diet, Just Lying down can burn fat and build muscle, and reshape the beauty of lines.
5.Saving time and effort, only lying down for 30 minutes = 30000 muscle contractions . (equivalent to 30000 belly rolls / squats).
6.It's simple operation and bandage type. The operating head only needs to be placed on the operating part of the guest, and it can be reinforced with a special equipment band, without the need for a beautician to operate the instrument, which is convenient and simple.
7.It's non-invasive, and the process is easy and comfortable. Just lie down and experience it like a muscle is sucked up.
8.During the treatment, there is only a feeling of muscle contraction, no pain and no sweat, and there is no side effects on the body, just do it and go.
9.There are sufficient experimental studies to prove that the treatment effect is remarkable. It only takes 4 treatments within two weeks, and every half an hour, you can see the effect of reshaping the lines in the treatment site.
10.The cooling system of water circulation prevents the treatment head from generating high temperature, which greatly improves the stability of energy output.

Company Profile
LBE(Guangzhou Lead Beauty Electronic Co.Ltd) was established in 2009. LBE is a professional manufacturer of beauty equipment.

Our main products include :Cavitation slimming machine, IPL hair removal machine, RF wrinkle removal machine, Cryolipolysis fat freezing weight loss machine, Lipo laser device, Derma pen skincare device, No-needle mesotherapy machine, etc.

We have 8 senior engineers, 20 professional technicians, 10 QC, specialize in technology research, quality control and customer service.
We offer OEM & ODM services according to customer requirements. Our beauty equipment are widely used in Beauty salons, Clinics and Spa centers from all over the world.
LBE--------Your best choice for beauty equipment!
1.How long is the warranty?
12 months warranty.
2. What if any quality problems during the guarantee period?
We can provide free technical support and software upgrades.
3.Do you have any technology supports?
we have a professional technology supporting team for customer services. We prepare the technical video and user manual for you, also you can contact us by telephone or online chat (WhatsApp, GoogleTalk, MSN, skype, yahoo…).
4.Can you print my logo on the products?
Yes, We support OEM & ODM.
5.What’s the payment term?
We accept Western Union, Money Gram, Escrow, Secure Payment, Paypal and T/T.
6.What should I do if I don't know how to use the machine?
We have an operation video and user manual for your reference.
7.What's the delivery time?
Usually, 3-10 days, delivery time for custom order and big order need to be negotiated.
8.What’s the package?
The machine will be packed with a strong and nice aluminum alloy case or carton case or wooden case.
9.What about the delivery?
We can offer door to door services by air or by sea, just depend on your actual request. Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX…, or by air or by sea.
10.If the machines are broken during the shipment, will you support us?
Generally, our customers will buy insurance before shipment, avoid any money lost from rough transportation. We will help you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your money back in time.
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