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Cavitation is the process with a 40khz ultrasonic wave where a void or bubble in a liquid rapidly collapses. With this technology, we use it to collapse the subcutaneous fat cell in human beings. Hence, to lose weight.

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Laser Cavitation And Radio Frequency System Slimming Machine

The high-frequency ultrasound makes the spherical void within the fat cell is collapsed suddenly. The explosion of the intermicellar space inside and outside of the cells makes the cells move actively to a high energy level until the breakdown of cells. As a result of the low density of fat cells, the first leads to the breakdown of fat cells.

Product parameters:

Name Cavi Lipo Body slimming machine
Voltage 110/220V 50/60hz
Output power Max 105W
Controller 8 inches Color touch screen
Technology A.40K Ultrasonic cavitation B.Multipolar RF

C. Tripolar RF

D.650nm lipo laser

Handpiece 1.Cavitation+650nm laser 2.Multipolar RF+650nm laser 3.Tripolar RF+650nm laser
Frequency cavitation:40khz


RF temperature 45°C-60°C
Certification CE for Cavitation Slimming
Feature Slimming, wrinkle removal, skin tightening and lifting
Packing size 45*42*44
Gross Weight 13KG


Company Information

Product advantages:

A.40K Ultrasonic cavitation

B.Multipolar RF

C.Tripolar RF

D.640nm lipo laser



2.Wrinkle removal

3.Skin tightening


Project cases:


Fast Shippment:

within 1 to 5 working days after receiving payment

Best Warranty:

1 years warranty and lifetime maintenance
Life long time technology support
Various training

Professional OEM ODM:

1 we'd like to offer a sample with lower cost
2 if more than 50pcs, we can print your logo on handle and package
3 Best distributor price for OEM ODM order


•We have been engaged in beauty machines for more than 8 years.

•The range of beauty machine available(such as, HIFU machine, MESO machine, face cleaning machine, slimming machine, etc.)

•Large finished warehouse, sufficient inventory, faster delivery

•R&D expenses account for 15% of sales revenue.OEM/ODM services and professional technique supports


1.Raw material inspection

2.In processing inspection

3.Final inspection

4.Instrument test

5.Outgoing inspection


Q: What are the advantages over other methods?
A: The main advantage is that we can choose the specific areas of the body that we want to work. It could be said that it is a technology that allows us to concentrate on cellulite selectively.

Q: Is cavitation or RF painful?
A: Both cavitation and RF should never cause pain.

Q: Is it normal to hear a slight buzzing in your ears while using cavitation?
A: Yes, some users may detect a slight buzzing sound during its application.

Q: Can cavitation be used on all parts of the body?
A: Cavitation cannot be applied to all parts of the body. Under no circumstances can it be applied to the head or face, neck, breasts, the thorax, navel, forearm, joints, genitals, back, ankles or lymph glands.

Q: Does it reduce weight and volume?
A: RF cavitation slimming machine eliminates clusters of fat, which have weight, consequently your body loses volume.

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