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LNKETS using the "nano silicon wafer", the German 4MHZ layered focus radio frequency technology and the latest "tungsten gold conduction technique" combined, it is a painless and non-invasive intelligent introduction instrument.

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Anti-aging Machines Needle Free Mesotherapy Gun

By using 4MHZ layered focusing thermodynamic matrix dot penetration technique in Germany, high energy was produced by
the tungsten-gold conduction technique to promote cell recombination and accelerate micro-circulation. Then the skin water-protein
the channel was opened instantly by nano-silicon wafer, and the skin nutrient solution was pushed intelligently to the required skin
layer to promote effective penetration and enhance nutrient absorption value. Lock up nutritious effective time, anti-aging,
improve skin texture and complexion.


Product Name
LNKETS Anti-Aging Skin Nutritious Absorption Beauty Equipment
Thermal matrix point through tungsten gold conduction and nano silicon wafer intelligent infusion
Skin whitening+Wrinkle removal+Anti-aging
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* Over 8 years of production and development capacity;
* Our cooperation distributors are mostly located at home and abroad;
* LBE beauty products have patent;
* Having our own factory, ensure products quality before delivery;
* Strong package case, and has a one-year free warranty.

Instrument operation steps
1. The first step is to quickly clean the treatment area (face or abdomen) to remove surface stains, 3 minutes;
2. The second step, the syringe sucks the product: Take out the syringe with the handle and suck the product;
3. The third step, direct operation, the operation time depends on the actual situation of the individual;
4. In the fourth step, after the operation, apply a mask on the treatment area for 10-15 minutes.
Note: Do not clean with facial cleanser within 24 hours after surgery, do not rub sunscreen products, and avoid exposure to the sun.


♦Skin whitening

♦Wrinkle removal

♦Skin rejuvenation

♦Shrink pores


♦Improve fine lines

♦Eye around care

♦Remove stretch marks

♦Get rid of belly fat

Company Introduction
LBE history:LBE was established in 2009.LBE is one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of beauty equipment and supplies them to customers across the world. Our beauty equipment is widely used in Beauty salon, Clinic and Spa all over the world. LBE global beauty equipment solution supplier ------Your best choice for beauty equipment


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