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360 Magneto & ND YAD Laser Hair Removal
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Nd:YAG laser has a wavelength of 1064 nm and has the capability to reach deeper layers of skin tissue than other types of lasers.
In Q-switched mode, Nd:YAG produces 2 wavelengths, one in the infrared range (1064 nm) and the second beam of 532 nm wavelength which is useful for superficial skin lesions.

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The principle of 360 magneto-optical skin cleaning system is divided into two parts, one is IPL pulsed photopyrolysis + magnetic energy, which is the principle of magneto-optics; the other is the principle of ND YAD Laser (that is, laser) treatment.

Magneto-optical is an intelligent, non-exfoliative skin reconstruction system integrating epidermal cooling technology, magnetic energy, and multi-band IPL intense pulsed light therapy technology. Magneto-optical intelligently combines the above technologies to provide targeted treatment plans for different skin types and different skin problems of patients. Under the premise of adequate protection of the epidermis (epidermal cooling technology), the use of magneto-optical technology can uniquely decompose the spot-like pigments in the epidermis and dermis (such as brown cyan moles in the zygomatic region), so that the energy can be focused to the dermis to the greatest extent The collagen tissue and hair follicle in the dermal papilla area.

The ND YAD Laser treatment system adopts gem Q-switching mode, which uses high-energy laser to effectively smash the pigment in the diseased tissue, that is, the principle of photoblasting: the high energy emitted by the laser instantaneously makes the irradiated pigment particles expand and rupture after absorbing the energy. The fission becomes smaller particles and is excreted from the body, part of which is excreted by the human body through the lymphatic system, thereby removing the pigment. Since normal tissues do not absorb the 1064nm laser, the cell framework is kept intact and no scars will be formed. This is unmatched by any other method at present. It is precisely because laser removal of pigment does not damage normal tissues, its safety guarantees that customers will not be troubled by complications after the hand.


Main Effect

Magneto-optical hair removal

According to the principle of selective photopyrolysis, strong pulsed cold light of a specific wavelength is irradiated to the hair, and it is selectively absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft and hair follicles. It instantly forms a local high temperature, which makes the hair follicle coagulate and necrosis, but does not damage the normal skin and sweat glands. Hair growth achieves the effect of permanent hair removal.

Magneto-optical rejuvenation

According to the principle of magnetism, the double synergistic effect of magnetic energy and IPL pulsed light energy, through its strong instant magneto-optical energy and IPL pulsed light energy, highly concentrated and selective for skin pigments, the pigments and nucleic acid fragments are directly vaporized and crushed , After being swallowed by skin cells and excreted from the lymphatic system, the surrounding tissue system will not be affected.

ND YAD Laser

Tattoo removal

The laser acts on the affected area to break the pigment particles into tiny fragments, which are expelled through skin scabs, or blood circulation and cell phagocytosis to complete pigment metabolism. This method does not damage the rest of the skin tissue and leaves no scars after the operation. It is the first choice for tattoo treatment.

Eyebrow removal

The laser can pass through the epidermis and dermis to reach the pigmented tissues of the lesion. With ultra-pulse time of milliseconds and microseconds, the pigment particles inside the skin can be instantly crushed to achieve the effect of washing the eyebrows.


According to the principle of selective photothermodynamics, by adjusting the wavelength, energy, and pulse width of the laser, the laser can directly reach specific parts of the skin layer.


During the treatment of black face doll, after the face is coated with carbon, the toner can absorb the dirt and cutin under the skin, thereby whitening the skin. It can effectively control sebaceous gland secretion, anti-inflammatory and sterilize, inhibit the activity of Propionibacterium acnes, and stimulate pore shrinkage

Technical Parameters

Product Name 360 Magneto & ND YAD Laser Hair Removal
Handles 360 Magneto Handle,ND YAD Laser Handle
Technical E-light,360 Magneto, ND YAD Laser,refrigeration
ND YAD Wavelength: 532nm and 1064nm
Spot size: 12mm*12mm
Screen 8-inch touch screen
Output Static power 36W; Maximum power: 2000W
Voltage 220-230VAC,10A,50Hz/60Hz
Size / Weight 122*62*46cm; 42kg


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