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Popularization of the hifu facial improvement


All the time, Korean plastic surgical technology is people's hot topic. However, the risk is always contained in operation. Since 2010, Korea has developed the new technology of hifu facial and has improved to the second generation nowadays. And the Doublo applied HIFU technology has been one of the hot treatments at the center of scientific beauty.

HIFU mainly aims at problems, such as facial sagging, decree deepening, muscle layer relaxation, etc., and improves the stereo degree of the facial profile. Therefore, besides the Koreans, the people passionate about beauty in Hongkong are also crazy about the treatment.


The principle of HIFU is to focus on the treatment position through high-intensity ultrasound, which makes the skin organization generate a thermal energy effect for the high-speed friction of cells and stimulate collagen proliferation. The thermal energy effect will not hurt the epidermal layer because it can directly reach the treatment position within 0-0.5 seconds during the treatment and straightly arrive at the SMAS without touching surrounding organizations. Therefore, it can tighten the skin and pull the muscle layer and reach the effect of a gradually thin face.

Indications for drawing technique

Suitable for people more than 30 years old whose skin has entered into the old period. The single treatment can be conducive to accelerate to motivate cells, and the effect of treatment is more evident and lasting. For people more than 40 years old, their skin has occurred problems like droop, relaxation, etc. A facelift may suggest using techniques to fit in the treatment to effective ensuring the delay of aging and the improvement of the skin.

Suitable position for the treatment

Some aging skin with the droop phenomenon, such as the forehead, eye base, cheekbone, apple cheeks, jaw, neck, etc.

Treatment procedures

Before treatment, you can apply narcotics firstly to relieve the pain for the treatment.

Before the beginning, use the chalk to label at the position, and apply the exceptional gel for the probe transfer conductor.

During treatment, hit according to the line labeled by the chalk, and the position like all sides of face, jaw, and the two sides of the neck.

After completing, there is no period of recovery, and apply skincare products or cosmetics right away.

After the course of treatment, with the hifu facelift, the skin collagen is stimulated to proliferate. After two months, the effect of hifu lifting begins to occur and can keep for more than 18 months, according to information. Of course, the ideal degree of effect also depends on the age and skin of patients. Additionally, some people whose skin is allergic can occur redness that can disappear in few days.

Pay attention to taboos.

The hifu facelift before and after in 24 hours, don't take medicines and drink and obey the advice of hifu facial treatment doctor.

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