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Multi-functional beauty instrument ultrasonic beauty instrument


The ultrasonic cosmetology instrument has a wide range of treatment and is suitable for any problem skin.And easy to operate and beautiful Inclusion concerns, is a more often used cosmetic equipment.


Ultrasonic action on the human body for the body absorption, sound energy into heat, under the action of temperature, can make local

Ministry blood circulation is exuberant, metabolization is enhanced, stimulative material is absorbed, improve organism defense ability, accelerate inflammation

Absorb and inhibit the reproduction of germs.


the ultrasonic wave impact of the beauty instrument can make the color spot become lighter, smaller area.

Ultrasonic wave has the effect of mechanical massage, so that the skin can effectively absorb nutrients.

Promote local blood circulation and strengthen metabolic function. dissolve the subcutaneous fat, accelerate the subcutaneous absorption, so that the accumulation of too much water and fat decomposition, bags and black eyes.

Eye circles were improved.

Ultrasound can treat acariasis infected skin (such as acariomyces cerevisiae, acariomyces cerevisiae).

The temperature effect produced by ultrasonic wave reduces the excitability of nerves and can calm nerves and relieve pain.


(1) Output selection

1, size probe: 1 big probe for the face, is using continuous wave, about 15 minutes.

2, small probe for eye, is to use pulse wave, each eye about 5 minutes.

  1. Time selection: It depends on skin type.

3, power selection: that is, the grid, depending on the skin type.

  1. Wave type selection: continuous wave and pulse wave, depending on the skin type.

(2) Use methods of different skin wavesUltra-dry skin (i.e. peeling) : skin that is mature, aged and freckled.

Time: 13-15 min Power: 3-5 grid wave: continuous wave.

  1. Dry skin: thin, red and silky skin

Time: 10-12 minutes

Power: 3-4 grids

Wave type: continuous wave

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