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Is the health machine useful?

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The answer is affirmative. Physiotherapy instruments still score. Physical therapy can improve the body's immune function, but the main thing is to add drugs. There are many friends through the physical therapy equipment. The body of middle-aged and elderly people is much better than before, so this still has certain effect. Follow the small series to study together. Through the way of atomization physiotherapy, can improve the symptoms of throat inflammation, so the physiotherapy instrument still has the effect. The addition of drugs to the physiotherapy instrument can relieve the throat from time to time. Many children's friends do not recommend the treatment of throat inflammation through infusion. Infusion will cause cold to the body, and will affect their health. Therefore, adding a small bottle of liquid medicine into the physical therapy instrument has a good effect on the inflammation of the throat, and the physical therapy instrument itself is only an auxiliary function. Physiotherapy instruments do work. Physiotherapy bed can increase the body temperature of the middle-aged and old people with cold body, and the physical therapy by electrifying can improve the lumbar discomfort of the elderly. For friends who have been doing physical work for a long time, often going to the physiotherapy bed can improve the cold friends. If the legs are cold, it is still effective to sleep in the physiotherapy bed with electric heating. With the help of drugs, the effect of physiotherapy instrument is more obvious, and the physiotherapy instrument only plays an auxiliary role. Generally for women with gynecological problems, generally through pelvic physiotherapy instrument, can improve pelvic blood circulation, through traditional Chinese medicine iontophoresis instrument, can quickly improve pelvic discomfort problems, rapid treatment of gynecological problems. Physiotherapy equipment works. Acupuncture and moxibustion physiotherapy instrument for nerve problems, insomnia problem effect is very obvious, through the central needle in the head, can let the brain nerve return to normal. For the middle-aged and elderly people who often suffer from insomnia, the effect of acupuncture therapy is very obvious, but it needs a long time to adhere to it. Physical therapy massage equipment for lumbar problems has a very good effect, now not only has the physical therapy massage chair, through the foot pedal to the chair, and then electrify the feet to heat, can promote blood circulation, for foot cramps, joint cold friends, have better effect. Through the home meridian physiotherapy instrument, the veins in the body can be dredged slowly. For many friends who have sprain problems, if it is not good for a long time, you can also choose to use the meridian physiotherapy instrument to improve the Qi and blood problems, especially for the Qi and blood stasis and angry friends, they can also choose the meridian physiotherapy instrument to improve the physical problems. The cupping physiotherapy instrument can improve headache. Headache is generally caused by brain fatigue and neurasthenia. Therefore, cupping on the back and acupuncture on the head are more effective for improving head discomfort. Moxibustion heating the abdomen can improve the palace cold friends. So the physiotherapy instrument has a certain effect.

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