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How to disinfect beauty instrument?


Speak of hairdressing apparatus, can think of beauty parlor, the height of professional level of a beauty parlor not only want to use product, project to measure, disinfection job is done well also is one of important factors.Standard equipment disinfection process can effectively prevent cross infection, avoid safety accidents and disputes caused by this kind of reasons.So what does instrument of beauty salon, equipment disinfection want to do specifically?What should I pay attention to?Below follow small make up specific to understand it!

Beauty salon equipment disinfection requirements

  1. Hairdressing hospital wants to prepare the towel with sufficient quantity, face towel, bath towel to wait a moment, its quantity should the 5 times above of bedspread, assure to replace enough.In addition, no matter be the towel that wrap a head to use, still be face towel, bath towel to wait a moment, want to accomplish a guest a disinfection, small face towel also can choose one-time.


2.In terms of instruments, wipe and disinfect the probe that directly touches the customer's skin before and after each use, such as the sound head of the ultrasonic beauty instrument, the guide bar of the electric ion instrument, and the probe of small bubbles.In addition, it is necessary to clean the instrument thoroughly regularly and do a good job of deep disinfection.


3.For common tools such as tweezers, scissors, eyebrow shaping knife, acne needle, etc., must be cleaned immediately after each customer use, disinfection cabinet disinfection, wipe clean after proper storage.


4.When you take beauty products, clean and disinfect the scraper and mixing bowl first. It is strictly prohibited to dig by hand.

Close the lid immediately when filling the large bottle to prevent infection or deterioration of the product.


  1. Cotton swabs, cotton, makeup remover and other disposable items used in the process of customer service should be discarded immediately after use, and cannot be used repeatedly。


  1. Tattoo knife, tattoo needle and other tools used in the tattoo project should be used one by one, and cannot be reused to avoid cross infection.

Notes for the disinfection of beauty salon equipment and equipment

  1. Strengthen the education of beauticians, improve the awareness of health and safety of beauticians, emphasize the importance and key of disinfection work, and enhance the importance of staff to do a good job in the disinfection of instruments and equipment.
  2. The beauty salon should regularly check whether the disinfectant used by the instruments and equipment is ready, and timely replace the disinfectant near its expiration date, so as to avoid contamination of the instruments and equipment caused by too long storage time and deterioration of the disinfection solution.
  3. The beauty salon shall formulate standardized regulations on the disinfection management of instruments and equipment, and appoint special persons to supervise and be responsible for the implementation of the sanitary disinfection work. In case of customer disputes caused by improper disinfection, the customer shall be held responsible.
  4. When sterilizing the equipment in the store, keep the power supply dry to avoid potential safety hazards such as electric shock and short circuit.
  5. The beauty salon should regularly check the health facilities inside the store, including ventilator, humidifier, vacuum cleaner, disinfection cabinet, etc., so as to avoid the impact of the disinfection work due to the damage of the instrument.

Conclusion :Compared with problems such as product quality, project effect, service attitude and so on, instrument and equipment disinfection is not so significant, but its importance cannot be ignored, and it is also the key to improve the service level and professional level of beauty salon.So every beauty salon operator should fully pay attention to this problem, so that the beauty salon business is getting better and better.

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