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How to better science anti-aging? You just need to master these three points


There's nothing complicated about anti-aging. We common people also know the anti-aging method that experts know! It's not hard to implement! Whether it's a doctor or a skincare expert, there are a few things they can say:

I. Exercise, diet, and sleep are the basics

  1. Doing sports is the best anti-aging medicine

For one thing, you don't have to accept the surgery, use cosmetic equipment, or even spend money to improve your facial contours and give your skin a firm, rosy complexion. That is, keep moving.

Long-term moderate exercise has a lot of benefits, such as controlling weight, promoting sleep, improving physical functions, and so on., which can make our brain more flexible, our heart and lungs stronger, our bones stronger, our muscles tighter, and can make us look younger.

2. It's also important for diet

The root cause of human aging lies in oxidative free radical damage, which is the biggest enemy of human aging. It builds up in skin cells and forms age plaques. Aggregated with the collagen in the dermis, it will cause the skin to lose tension and elasticity, wrinkles increase. And unhealthy food, such as dessert, milk tea, high oil and salt food, barbecue, fried food, will lead to the saccharification reaction in the body, the formation of excessive free radicals. Reflected the face finally, it is that the skin's dark yellow wrinkle is much. Therefore, a healthy light diet, less oil, less salt, and less sugar is also very helpful for maintaining facial rejuvenation.

3. Sleep is the basic

Staying up late will do great harm to the human body, which will directly lead to the disorder of the circadian rhythm, affect the function of the viscera and organs, and also bring a series of skin problems.

Staying up late will lead to poor blood circulation in the eyes, resulting in blood stasis, more likely to occur bags under the eyes, dark circles, and other phenomena. Often stay up late, can also lead to endocrine imbalance, causing the problem of color spots and acne.

Moreover, the skin is repaired at night and the speed of metabolism is faster. If you stay up late at this time, it will slow down the skin metabolism. After the skin metabolism slows down, the skin problem, such as the coarse skin, pore bulky, dark heavy skin color, water-oil imbalance, also can follow one after another.

II. Use anti-aging products with strict sunblock

  1. using anti-aging skincare products

Retinoic acid is a recognized anti-aging active ingredient in the industry. It can stimulate the proliferation of collagen, play roles in anti-wrinkle, and easing fine lines on your face. There are also many skincare products containing alcohol on the market.

The root cause of skin aging is the damage of oxidative free radicals, and through the super antioxidant capacity of high concentration VC, it can effectively resist skin aging.

In addition, a large number of clinical trials have confirmed that a high concentration of VC can stimulate the proliferation of collagen, fade fine lines and increase the firmness of the skin.

Bosine is a patented anti-aging ingredient developed by L 'Oreal, the world's largest cosmetics company. L 'Oreal, from hundreds of similar molecular formulas, selected this anti-aging effect of the most powerful "bosine". The reasons why "bosine" plays so great role in anti-aging are these two: firstly, it can promote the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, help the skin to restore full elasticity. Secondly, it can promote the production of type VII and type IV collagen, make the skin more firm.

2. Strict sunblock

As many women know, sunscreen can help keep your skin from tanning. But in fact, another important task of sunscreen is to reduce ultraviolet damage to collagen, reduce skin photoaging. Besides using sunscreen, do a good job on the external sunblock is also very important!

III. Medical beauty is a plus

The industry of medical beauty is various, let me introduce these three to you.

  1. Heat maggie

The hot maggie uses the principle of radiofrequency heating, which can make our dermal temperature reach about 65℃ and instantly tighten the skin! The heat generated on the skin can stimulate collagen regeneration, reducing the effect of fine lines. Its high energy, a treatment can reach the role of lifting, tightening, wrinkle. But the pain during the treatment will be higher, need to apply an anesthetic before doing.


CUGI is also the principle of radiofrequency heating. However, compared to the 6.78MHz frequency of Thermal Magi, its 448kHz frequency penetrates deeper and has a wider range of treatable layers, making care more efficient and swift to meet a wide range of caring needs.

Not only to reach the effect of tightening facial skin, faded fine lines, body shape anti-aging; It can also repair sports injuries, nurse the body, and recuperate sub-health.

3. Photon tender skin

Photon skin using strong pulse light will produce "photothermal effect" and "photochemical effect" to the skin, that is, can let the skin collagen fiber and elastic fiber rearrangement, restore elasticity, to achieve the "skin rejuvenation" effect. It can also improve uneven skin tone, redness, and superficial spots.

IV. Summary

Good living habits, including exercise, a balanced diet, and good sleep, are the foundation of anti-aging. If you do these three things well, half the battle against aging is over.

It is to protect skin next, the proposal is strict bask in + adhere to use fight old protect skin to taste. In the short term, you may not see significant results. But stretch out the timeline to 10 years and you can see how different you are from people your age who don't skincare at all.

And finally, it is medical beauty. Medical beauty belongs to super recruit, but it can't be applied every day. Even if it is a medical beauty, it is also necessary to maintain the effect through good living habits and skincare habits. However, HIFU is an anti-aging device manufacturer engaged in beauty machine lines for 8 years. If you are interested in our products, please contact us.