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How is the development tendency of beauty machine OEM/ODM industry?


What can appeal to customers in beauty parlour are not only the various beauty products but a beauty machine with good effect can also capture more people remain in the beauty parlour. Nowadays, the market development of beauty galvanic machine is prosperous. Confronting with various kinds of beauty machines, many owners of the beauty parlours feel it's difficult to choose among the various functions and brands. In the meanwhile, the consuming structure of beauty machine OEM is sped up and advanced. With the topic of "professional beauty apparatus OEM" increasingly popular, most beauty parlours choose the original manufacturer of beauty machine OEM/ODM. Only do the beauty parlous machine possess insurance, the number of customers can increasingly grow.

Most beauty parlours show a neutral attitude when they choose the original manufacturers of beauty machine OEM/ODM because they are not sure how the beauty machines are. Then let me introduce the production process of beauty machine OEM/ODM.

First of all, a beauty instrument OEM/ODM manufacturer must have their own design, such as 3 in 1 slimming & beautifying machine, and then the factory sends the sample. After you compare and confirm the sample, we start to produce the laser beauty machine and then deliver the instrument, after the goods arrive at your place, you check the slimming and beautifying machine, and then complete the docking delivery. And the most important process is the after-sales, which is related to the customers' impression of your company and whether they become the returned customer or not. The Lmhifu beauty machine manufacturer can do all of these:

I. Personalized private customization

  1. It can customize the appearance and the colours. Are you annoyed with the old-fashion appearance and colours of your machines? Choose the original manufacture, and you can customize as you want.
  2. It can customize the interface. With a multi-national languages system preset, you can choose the one you need, which takes the convenience for your order of foreign trade.

II. The price is cheaper

As an original manufacturer of machines, we avoid many processes in the middle of sales, which directly relieves our economic pressure.

III. The quality is more reliable

As an original manufacturer of beauty instruments, compared to distributors or trade companies, the products' quality is more reliable.

IV. The after-sales service is more completed

As an original manufacturer of beauty apparatus, compared to distributors and trade companies, the after-sales service must be more reliable and professional, which makes customers without any worries after purchasing the machines through the professional teams for the development, maintenance, and the after-sales.

When you choose an original manufacturer of beauty machines by comparing lots of kinds, please must notice these aspects as follow:

  1. With the premise of choosing a good product, find several manufacturers to make proof in order to be convenient to compare the products.
  2. Make sure the cooperated factory, and provide your brand and your business license.
  3. Sign the contract, and remit the deposit, we design and pack according to your requirement.
  4. After you confirm the style of the package, you can purchase the package, or we help you.
  5. After the package is delivered to our factory, the factory fills the material.
  6. After the production is finished, you can remit the rest money, we start to deliver your products to you.

Generally, the whole cycle of process production is about 45 days, which mainly depends on the lead time of the package and material. The speed of filling the material is very swift. It just needs 7 days before shipping if it is the OEM production time.

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