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EMS V Face Lift Skin Tighten
EMS V Face Lift Skin Tighten


Simulate the biological micro-electricity emitted by the human brain, directly supplement into the cell, balance the cell membrane value, activate the cell, maintain the normal metabolism and circulation of the cell, accelerate the skin's own water-locking ability, protein synthesis ability and the repair and healing ability of elastic fiber and collagen fiber , To achieve a deep nourishment and improvement; at the same time, combined with the movement of the muscle itself, each muscle is passively contracted and relaxed to restore its original length and elasticity


1. Use the body's self-healing ability to use natural and non-toxic therapies to prevent and treat various diseases, alleviate the pain of the disease and achieve a certain physical fitness and beauty effects, and speed up the recovery of the body
2. Instead of manual beauty


1. Dilate blood vessels and promote local blood circulation: skin redness after treatment. It was determined that the skin temperature increased 15 minutes after treatment. The amount of blood circulation can be increased by 140% and can last for more than 30 minutes. This is because: ① The current causes the skin to release histamine, which directly or indirectly dilates the small arteries. Histamine also acts on capillaries to widen endothelial cells and increase permeability. It has been confirmed that after treatment, the histamine content of the skin under the cathode is nearly double that of the control group, and there is also an increase under the anode. ② Current electrolysis causes the protein to decompose into vasoactive peptides, which also has the effect of dilating blood vessels. ③ Stimulate the sensory nerve terminals to dilate the blood vessels reflexively through synapses. A
2. Change the water content of tissues: under the action of electric current, electrophoresis and electroosmosis of human protein colloid solution appear simultaneously. A
3. Improve local nutrition and metabolism: Electric current can improve the nutrition and metabolism of tissues, improve blood circulation, and increase the permeability of tissue cell membranes, so the exchange of various substances is accelerated. A
4. Antibacterial effect: Inhibition of bacterial growth has been confirmed by many experiments, because it can improve the circulation and nutrition of shallow tissues and improve resistance. The acid and alkali products under the electrode can directly inhibit bacterial growth.

5. Effect on venous thrombosis: current has the effect of thrombolysis and revascularization. After current treatment, fibroblasts proliferate, extend into the blood clot, make the thrombus organic, reduce the volume, leave the anode, and retreat to the cathode side , The blood vessel reopens. The application current is larger and the time is longer. A
6. Promote fracture healing: Current cathode has the function of promoting fracture healing. For patients with long-term bone non-connection for 10 years, the healing rate after cathodic current treatment reached 83,7%. Electricity
Flow can make the endosteal proliferate, ossify tissue in the medullary cavity, ossify in the cartilage, mitochondria gather and release calcium salts, etc., which is the same as normal bone growth and development. Due to the gravitation of the electric field, calcium ions are attracted under the cathode and the oxygen tension is low. At the same time, the cathode strengthens the negative effect of the piezoelectric effect at the fracture. This is conducive to the formation of callus. Treatment should start as early as one week after the fracture. A
7. Effect on nerve excitability: The following changes may occur in nerve excitability when current is applied: ① Decreased excitability under the anode-anode electrical tension; ② Increased excitability under the cathode-cathode electrical tension; ③ For a long time or Under the action of large current, the excitability under the cathode also decreases-cathode suppression. A
8. The anti-tumor effect of electric current: the changes of acid and alkali generated by electric current can make tumor tissue degeneration and necrosis and decomposition. Some people at home and abroad have used the current to conduct animal tumor treatment experiments and used it to treat local cancers in deep and shallow parts to obtain good results.

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