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40K Cavitation Slimming Machine
40K Cavitation Slimming Machine

What is 40K Cavitation

The use of sound waves with a frequency of 40KHZ emitted by the shock wave head that gathers strong sound waves causes many voids in the liquid inside and outside the fat cells. When the "internal explosion" occurs in these micro-voids, the accumulated ultrasonic energy is turned to the surroundings. For stubborn fat, cellulite fat and cellulite, the strong shock wave of the hole burst fat can shock the fat at a rapid speed, and the cavity phenomenon occurs. When the pressure reaches a high level, it will cause the fat cells to burst into milk, and then be discharged through the body's various detoxification systems, which really makes the fat "no longer left" until the fat removal effect is achieved

Painless, noninvasive, quick results, easy to damage tissues, subcutaneous nerves, blood vessels, lymph

1. Fat reduction and decomposition of intractable cellulite and cellulite;
2. Reduce excess fat on arms, thighs, waist and hips, shape the body lines and prevent sagging;
3. Promote metabolism and blood circulation;
4. Smooth stretch marks and strengthen fibroblast elastic tissue.
5. Body shaping: the arms, thighs, postpartum abdomen, waist and abdomen are lifted solidly, and cellulite is improved.

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