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Guangzhou Lead Beauty Electronic Co.Ltd

LBE(Guangzhou Lead Beauty Electronic Co.Ltd) was established in 2011 and headquartered in Guangzhou,Engaged in beauty machine line for 8 years,have a dedicated R & D team.Specialize in Various types of facial beauty equipment,slimming machine,hair remove machine and health care machine,we also provide OEM customization services.To ensure the high quality, we will carry out strict inspection before delivery…

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    Lmhifu is a professional beauty machine supplier and one-stop beauty treatment solution provider. We are dedicated to offer different beauty equipment for both home and SPA & salon use.

    Popularization of the hifu facial improvement

    All the time, Korean plastic surgical technology is people’s hot topic. However, the risk is always contained in operation. Since 2010, Korea has developed the new technology of hifu facial and has improved to the second generation nowadays. And the Doublo applied HIFU technology has been one of the hot treatments at the center of scientific beauty. HIFU mainly aims at problems, such as facial sagging, decree deepening, muscle layer relaxation, etc., and improves the stereo degree of the facial profile. Therefore, besides the Koreans, the people passionate about beauty in Hongkong are also crazy about the treatment. Principle The principle of HIFU is to focus on the treatment position through high-intensity ultrasound, which makes the skin organization generate a thermal energy effect for the high-speed friction of cells and stimulate collagen proliferation. The thermal energy effect will not hurt the epidermal layer because it can directly reach the treatment position within 0-0.5 seconds during the treatment and straightly arrive at the SMAS without touching surrounding organizations. Therefore, it can tighten the skin and pull the muscle layer and reach the effect of a gradually thin face. Indications for drawing technique Suitable for people more than 30 years old whose skin has entered into the old period. The single treatment can be conducive to accelerate to motivate cells, and the

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    How is the development tendency of beauty machine OEM/ODM industry?

    What can appeal to customers in beauty parlour are not only the various beauty products but a beauty machine with good effect can also capture more people remain in the beauty parlour. Nowadays, the market development of beauty galvanic machine is prosperous. Confronting with various kinds of beauty machines, many owners of the beauty parlours feel it’s difficult to choose among the various functions and brands. In the meanwhile, the consuming structure of beauty machine OEM is sped up and advanced. With the topic of “professional beauty apparatus OEM” increasingly popular, most beauty parlours choose the original manufacturer of beauty machine OEM/ODM. Only do the beauty parlous machine possess insurance, the number of customers can increasingly grow. Most beauty parlours show a neutral attitude when they choose the original manufacturers of beauty machine OEM/ODM because they are not sure how the beauty machines are. Then let me introduce the production process of beauty machine OEM/ODM. First of all, a beauty instrument OEM/ODM manufacturer must have their own design, such as 3 in 1 slimming & beautifying machine, and then the factory sends the sample. After you compare and confirm the sample, we start to produce the laser beauty machine and then deliver the instrument, after the goods arrive at your place, you check the slimming and beautifying machine, and then

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    How to better science anti-aging? You just need to master these three points

    There’s nothing complicated about anti-aging. We common people also know the anti-aging method that experts know! It’s not hard to implement! Whether it’s a doctor or a skincare expert, there are a few things they can say: I. Exercise, diet, and sleep are the basics Doing sports is the best anti-aging medicine For one thing, you don’t have to accept the surgery, use cosmetic equipment, or even spend money to improve your facial contours and give your skin a firm, rosy complexion. That is, keep moving. Long-term moderate exercise has a lot of benefits, such as controlling weight, promoting sleep, improving physical functions, and so on., which can make our brain more flexible, our heart and lungs stronger, our bones stronger, our muscles tighter, and can make us look younger. 2. It’s also important for diet The root cause of human aging lies in oxidative free radical damage, which is the biggest enemy of human aging. It builds up in skin cells and forms age plaques. Aggregated with the collagen in the dermis, it will cause the skin to lose tension and elasticity, wrinkles increase. And unhealthy food, such as dessert, milk tea, high oil and salt food, barbecue, fried food, will lead to the saccharification reaction in the body, the formation of excessive free radicals. Reflected the face finally,

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